We are a husband, wife and two dog team from the United Kingdom! Growing up, I always had a passion for vintage toys, until I got too old and most of my stuff was sold at a carboot sale by my parents! Luckily enough I got to hold onto my Star Wars, as that would have been very difficult to replace nowadays!

I started collecting again as I got older, and to help with this I started selling toys as well. My wife and I created the eBay shop Lexi’s Toy Loft, and over the years it has grown from strength to strength. We have great feedback and a good reputation for great service. However, with the fees and costs adding up, too many toys about the house, and the worlds current economic situation, it made sense to create a website shop where collectors could buy at a cheaper cost than eBay. I also made the decision to create guides so that collectors could also have access to free information.

The aim was to create a safe website where collectors can get free information and pictures of the toys they love. Collectors can also access shops from a trusted seller to buy toys and merch. 

I have no experience in web design, and had to teach myself how to create this site. It is new and growing, so please be kind if you reach out to me! The toy guides are always being added to, and I hope you find them useful. There are also search facilities to help you identify items. The Action Force guides are a good example of this, and have search facilities for parts and figure accessories. I am aiming to do this with as many toylines as possible. 

I really hope you enjoy the website and find it useful.

Most of us have had great experiences buying or trading with other collectors and shops. However…..it may surprise you to know there are some unsavoury people out there who are just mean and dishonest, and should have no place in toy collecting.

You will NEVER experience dishonesty or unkind behaviour from us. We will always do our best to help our customers and ensure they are happy. 

We run the shop as a a husband and wife team! You can probably guess that the shop was named after Lexi!

Rick grew up in Wiltshire and graduated from the University of Aberystwyth. He worked for the government for 17 years as an investigator. He now runs a property rental company as well as Lexi’s Toy Loft. He loves football and plays twice a week, as well as coaching a kids team who just keep winning their games! Loves travelling and exploring new places with Lexi and the boys!

Lexi grew up in Latvia and graduated from the University of Daugavpils. She went on to complete her teachers training degree and masters at the University of Oxford (where Rick and Lexi met!). She is a mathematics teacher and speaks fluent Latvian, English, Spanish and Russian. She is a Zumba instructor and also has a passion for Salsa dancing!

Lexi and Rick volunteer at a puppy shelter every week. After fostering Beethoven for a couple of weeks they just had to keep him! His brother Orion quickly followed. They are lovely dogs and great company!