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In 1986 Battle Beasts were created in Japan, by the company Takara. Takara had already made a huge name for themselves with fantastic toylines such as Transformers. The American company Hasbro, aquired a license to sell Battle Beast toys outside of Japan. Battle Beasts were two inch tall action figures and each came with a weapon. Each figure had a heat sensitive sticker on its chest which would reveal that figures power- fire, water or wood. Fire beat wood, wood beat water and water beat fire! Later, a fourth symbol was added called the sunburst which beat all other powers! 

Series one, was released in Japan, Europe and North America. Series three was only released in Japan, U.K. and the U.S. The fourth and final series was called Shadow Warriors (or Laser Beasts in Japan). The heat sensitive stickers were replaced with see-through orbs, through which the creatures power could be seen. The Shadow Warriors carried guns instead of hand to hand weapons and the guns resembled the creature that it came with. 


Takara marketed Battle Beasts as “BeastFormers” and branded tham as a spin-off from Transformers. When Hasbro became licensed to distribute Battle Beasts outside of Japan they decided to not market them as part of the Transformer line and gave them a different story. Takara made some of the Battle Beasts Autobots and some of the Decepticons!

Series 1-3 contained the first 76 Battle Beasts. Vehicles and Transports were also released that came with figures. A Bandolier belt was also released that children could store their figures and weapon in. 

Series four consisted of Laser Beasts. 12 Laser Beasts were released outside of Japan. In Japan, 36 Laser Beasts were released with weapons, chariots and vehicles. The Japananese-only releases are particularly hard to find.  



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