ACTION FORCE 1983-1984 (second SERIES)


Codename: Jammer

Personal Name: Calvin Mondale

Primary Military Speciality: Communications Engineer

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Warfare

Birthplace: New York

Brilliant electronic engineer. Graduated with PhD from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Became leading computer designer in Silicon Valley. Joined Action Force. Developed the Command Centre communication systems. Very successful in monitoring and jamming enemy communication.

“Jammer takes delight in constantly disrupting Baron Ironblood’s signals.”

Jammer is one of the rarest figures to add to your collection. He only came with the Action Force Command Centre along with another rare figure called Gaucho (a repaint of the G.I. Joe figure Gung-Ho). The Command Centre was the most expensive Action Force toy. The G.I. Joe fans out there will recognise that he is a repaint of the G.I. Joe figure Stalker (not the Action Force SAS Stalker). He did not come with any accessories. 

The Z Force logo on his chest is often rubbed off. He can be hard to get in good condition. 



Ready for battle!

Body Mould

The Z Force  Jammer figure had a red beret and like Gaucho also had a moustache. He has a Z Force logo on his chest as well as a grenade and a knife that are attached to webbing. The webbing goes down his front and back. He has a black belt with a clasp on it. The emblem on the belt was used for a number of figures with crotch pieces. He has a pouch on his right and left leg.



Jammer did not come with any accessories. He was later released in the U.S. as a convention exclusive and came with G.I. Joe Stalker’s accessories in a different colour.


Jammer did not have a datafile but his chracter information (and Gaucho’s) could be found on the Z Force Command Centre Instructions. 


The Z Force Jammer figure came exclusively boxed with the Action Fore Command Centre. The Action Force figure Gaucho also came with the Command Centre.

File Card

Information about the figure could be found on the back of the figures file card (the Datafile information). Each figure also had an individual medal number for the mail order offer. Jammer did not have a medal number or file card. 


Jammer was a repaint of the G.I. Joe Stalker figure (not to be confused with the SAS Stalker figure). Stalker was released in the Action Force third series in 1985.

He was later released as a convention exclusive with Stalker’s accessories. 


Jammer was not released in the G.I. Joe series (except as a  convention exclusive). However, Stalker was first released in the U.S. in 1982. The G.I. Joe version did not have the backpack included.


Datafiles could be found in the Battle Action Force comics. They contained lots of information about the characters and had some great artwork. 

Jammer did not have his own Datafile. I have added the Command Centre Datafile as this is the set he came with.



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